INTERDEPENDENCE by Brendon Randall-Myers

Back in July, we gave the world premiere of Brendon Randall-Myers’ Interdependence. The idea for this piece began in the same way as many others that we have commissioned – we met Brendon while we were in school, fell in love with his music, and kept talking little by little about a new project until finally the time was right. We ended up with this 17-minute epic of a piece – it takes both the performers and the audience on a pretty extreme journey, from beautiful new sounds created by rubbing temple bowls and connecting them with bowed vibraphone and other metallic instruments, to rhythmically stretching us to our limits with intensely fast hocketed rhythms that pass through all 4 of us. And then it goes full pop music in the middle – the beat kind of drops (as it were) into this luscious and beautiful diatonic groove, complete with drumset and a synth bass line.

Jonny sat down with Brendon just after we gave the world premiere to talk a little bit more about where the piece came from – check out that interview right here. Enjoy!