“This series included several premieres, among them Christopher Cerrone’s concerto for prepared piano and percussion quartet, which received an exhilarating performance by Conor Hanick and Sandbox Percussion.”
– The New York Times


“The virtuosic New York quartet play from memory, so attuned to each other that it all becomes performance art, utterly mesmerising to watch.”
– The Guardian


“Focusing on works written, more or less, last week by composers the group knows and works with, Sandbox brought out the immediacy, lack of pretension and high-end playfulness that seems — thankfully — to be revitalizing the world of contemporary music. And their jaw-dropping virtuosity made it all seem like . . . well, child’s play.”
– The Washington Post


“Sandbox Percussion let loose like a bombshell of raw talent”
– I Care if You Listen


“From the downbeat, the percussion quarter had the audience enthralled with a vigorous zest and machine-like precision. The group was so tight, it seemed that if one of them were to drop a beat, the other three would have known moments earlier and would have already adjusted.”
– I Care if You Listen


“With a crust of skills, talent and freshness, these young artists seem to be pushing their limits up in the skys, as I realized listening to them at Yale Summer School of Music. Sandbox Percussion is the promising group of the near future, battering right on your door.”
(Aurél Holló – Amadinda Percussion Group)


“Sandbox Percussion are clearly an energetic ensemble with imagination, integrity and courage in their music making.  … Sandbox’s mix of solid technique, musicality and showmanship ensured it was a hugely enjoyable evening all around.”
– I Care if You Listen


“The musicians of Sandbox threw themselves into the performance with the energy of youth and the precision of a well-established group, with a program that was both vibrant and exotic.”
– Feast of Music