Sandbox is thrilled to announce the launch of our Creator Mentorship Program! This opportunity will be awarded to two artists, each of whom will work closely with Sandbox over the course of a year to create a new work for percussion quartet.


Chosen artists will be awarded:

  • $2,000 honorarium
  • Reimbursement of up to $800 in travel expenses for in-person workshops in Brooklyn, NY
  • Live-streamed world premiere performance of your new work
  • Audio/video recording of your new work

Over the past several years, we have discovered that we create our best work when we collaborate meaningfully with an artist over a long period of time. The goal of this project is to connect us with creators that share a desire to work in this way.


We hope to identify artists who believe they will benefit artistically and professionally from this opportunity, who are excited to create work for percussion quartet, and who are excited to foster meaningful relationships by working closely for many months. Ultimately, we aim to place greater value in each artist’s creative process.


Sandbox is committed to creating a diverse repertoire, and we encourage applications from artists from marginalized backgrounds.


Applications are free and the deadline for submissions is March 25. More information on application materials can be found below. All are welcome to apply. Our two collaborators will be chosen by the members of Sandbox + an outside panel of leaders in our field.


Application Closed


What will applicants submit?

  • Name, email address, mailing address
  • Resume highlighting professional activities, recent artistic work, and education (1 page)
  • Short selfie-style video, answering the questions: “What excites you about the idea of collaborating with a percussion quartet? How will this project be an important step in your development as an artist?” (2 minutes or less)
  • Work samples – 1-3 existing works 
    • One audio recording (midi or otherwise) with a corresponding score (graphic, illustration, western notation, whatever “score” means to you)
    • OPTIONAL – send up to 2 additional work samples (scores and/or recordings)
  • OPTIONAL – 1 short letter of recommendation from somebody that you’ve collaborated with in the past

If you have any trouble with the application form, please send an email to


  • March 25, 2022: Applications Due
  • End of May: Chosen composers are announced
  • June-July: Initial Zoom meeting
    • We’ll meet each other on Zoom, and start to talk about what your ideas are for this piece. We can demonstrate any instruments, techniques, or sounds that you’d like to hear, or show you some of the other pieces that we play.
  • August 14-20: Virtual workshop
    • We’ll rehearse sketches or an excerpt of your piece with you on Zoom, making changes as you hear what it sounds like.
  • October 1: Final versions of the works are due
  • November: In-person rehearsal and workshop – Sandbox will cover the travel and housing expenses (up to $800) for each composer. 
    • We’ll work together to make any final changes to your piece.
  • December: Virtual performance from the Sandbox Percussion studio, performed on our virtual concert series. We will invite you to give an introduction to your piece on the concert. Sandbox Percussion reserves the right to postpone this virtual performance at any time.
  • January/February: We will create high-quality audio and video recordings of each piece.